MCD employees continue stir, threaten to boycott vaccine duty

MCD employees continue stir, threaten to boycott vaccine duty

New Delhi, Jan 15 (IANS) Even after the Delhi government announced to provide Rs 938 crores to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to pay pending salaries of its employees, MCD employees sitting on indefinite strike for the last one week were yet to call off their protest. Instead, MCD employees on Friday staged a protest against the Delhi government at the Civic Centre to again demand their pending dues.

MCD employees also threatened to ‘boycott' duty for the Covid -19 vaccination drive scheduled to begin on January 16.

To continue their protest, scores of MCD employees on Friday held a protest at Civic Centre, the head office of North and South MCD. Protesters also tried to lead a march to Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal's residence. However, their march was stopped mid-way by the Delhi Police.

A. P. Khan, convener of MCD Employees Union told IANS that they wanted to hand over a memorandum to the chief minister. "The Rs 938 crore announced by the Delhi government are not enough to pay our salaries for more than a month. We have not been paid our salaries for the last six months. Despite that we have been working during the pandemic, putting our lives in danger. At least Rs 5000 crore are needed in all to meet the expenses of salaries and other dues for all employees," Khan added.

Khan further said, "Now, we won't listen to anyone. It doesn't matter whether the money comes from the Centre or the Delhi government, we need pending salaries to run our families. If it isn't done, we have unanimously decided to boycott the Covid-19 vaccination drive."

Delhi deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia, who also holds the finance portfolio, on Thursday announced to provide Rs 938 crore to MCD, alleging that the BJP, that has been governing the MCD for the last 14 years, has made it bankrupt.

Employees of all three civic bodies (EDMC, SDMC and North MCD) have been on an indefinite strike since January 7 against non-payment of salaries and other dues.



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