After Co-WIN update, Lok Nayak vaccinates 100% beneficiaries, Manipal 107%

By Ashish Srivastava

New Delhi, Jan 21 (IANS) The update in Co-WIN application has led a huge impact on the immunisation figures in the fourth session of Covid vaccination drive conducted in the national capital on Thursday. Many government hospitals which were struggling to achieve even 30 per cent of their target, have crossed the halfway mark now.

The Delhi government's Lok Nayak Hospital achieved 100 per cent of their inoculation target before the end of Thursday's session. "The 100th dose was administered around 3.15 p.m.," said Dr Anil Gupta, vaccination coordinator at the hospital.

The hospital had vaccinated 35 people on Tuesday.

One adverse event following immunisation was reported in Lok Nayak where a healthcare worker suffered shivering and was admitted to a general ward. "His condition is stable. We are just keeping him under observation. He will be discharged soon," Gupta said.

The Delhi State Cancer Institute (DSCI) vaccinated 50 people.

Dr Pragya Shukla, its nodal officer for Covid vaccination, said that the hospital has touched this figure (50) for the first time since the vaccination drive started. "I hope that we will be able to vaccinate at full capacity in the coming days," she added.

The hospital had immunised 21 beneficiaries in the last session of Covid vaccination.

Meanwhile, many private hospitals, who were already performing better than the government ones, also achieved full targets.

HMCT Manipal Hospital stood out as it inoculated 7 per cent more than the target. "A few people from CGHS dispensaries who were not included in our list came for inoculation. We did not refuse but extended our services to them," a hospital spokesperson said.

It had inoculated 66 people in the last session that happened on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the Union Health Ministry had updated the Co-WIN application with an addition of "allot beneficiary" feature in it which now allows the vaccination sites to manually add the beneficiaries expected to undergo the inoculation exercise, who earlier, were randomly picked by the application itself.

The Centre-run Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) hopital was able to achieve only 35 vaccinations on Thursday. However, 30 of them were done through walk-ins.

The reason for the low turnout was that around 70 per cent of the names in the list generated by Co-WIN included those who could not undergo immunisation in the last three sessions, Dr Neelam Roy, Head of Department, Community Medicine and nodal officer for Covid immunisation at the hospital, told IANS.

"The Co-WIN app generates a list of 100 beneficiaries a day prior to the immunisation session. Around 70 per cent of the names in the list already had some health conditions which did not allow them to be vaccinated. Only 5 people from the remaining chunk turned up. However, we managed 30 walk-in inoculations which is a satisfactory indication. In the coming days, our performance will improve sharply," she added.



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